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Welcome to EBS, the Education Benevolent Society Inc.                      

Because you belong to a member union, you have exclusive access to services provided by The Education Benevolent Society (EBS). Since 1963, EBS has been a key provider of health care and risk protection benefits to education union members and their families. EBS is a non-profit body and only members of the education unions or employees of the unions can enjoy the benefits of EBS.

The Society's range of personal health and risk protection products are tailored to suit education professionals and through the combined negotiating power of the education unions these products are offered to you, your partner and your family at competitive rates, not generally available to the public.  We are dedicated to your health and wellbeing because we are owned by you!

EBS Standard Plan                        aPPLY STANDARD PLAN ON-LINE HERE

The EBS Standard Plan covers a range of every day medical benefits including major diagnostic procedures and GP referral to a specialist. For more information click here.

EBS Hospital Insurance 

Why leave the choice of major medical care up to someone else.  With private health insurance you are in control.  It helps you have access to the very best medical expertise and at a time that suits you.
Health insurance is a way to look after your most important asset – your health. For more information click here.

EBS Risk Insurance                        aPPLY Life Insurance ON-LINE HERE

Illness and accidents happen all too often and are never expected. But by considering the EBS risk protection products they will provide real benefits and real support for a variety of needs and circumstances. For more information click here.

EBS Home Loans Solution                        

The EBS Home Loans Solution allows you to repay your home loan faster, saving thousands of dollars in interest costs.

For more information click here

EBS Home Insurance                        

Insure your Home, Contents, Cars & Leisure Boats at preferential rates for EBS members. Click here to find out more


Education Benevolent Society Inc.(EBS) has a Financial strength rating of: B++ (Good)
And is fully licenced by the RBNZ


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EBS is registered with The Insurance & Savings Ombudsman ("ISO") click the link for further information.